This program is used for analysis of vertical bearing capacity of a single pile loaded both in tension or compression, pile settlement as well as horizontal bearing capacity of a single pile.



  • Vertical bearing capacity analysis
    • Tomlinson’s method
    • NAVFAC DM 7.2
    • Method of effective stresses
    • CSN 73 1002
    • CTE-DB SE-C
  • Settlement analysis
    • Linear load-settlement curve (Poulos)
    • Nonlinear load-settlement curve  (Masopust)
  • EN 1997 – option to choose partial factors based on National Annexes
  • EN 1997 – option to choose all design approaches, consider design situations
  • EN 1997 – accounting for the influence of pile technology
  • Computation of load-settlement curve by the Finite Element Method (spring method) considering deformational characteristics of the soil
  • Consideration of influence of pile technology (bored, driven, CFA piles)
  • Various shapes of pile cross-section (rectangle, I – cross-section, cross, tube)
  • Possibility of changing circular pile diameter with depth
  • Determination of the modulus of subsoil reaction along the pile length according to Vesic, Matlock and Reese, CSN or input by user (constant or linear distribution)
  • Analysis of horizontal bearing capacity (Broms method, p-y method)
  • Output of results for load cases
  • Negative skin friction
  • Shear bearing capacity of RC cross-section
  • Design of reinforced concrete cross-sections according to EN 1992-1 (EC 2), BS, PN, IS, AS, ACI, GB, SNiP, CSN
  • Verification of steel pile cross section
  • Verification of timber pile cross section


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