Program Laboratory provides effective processing and analysis of laboratory tests of soils and rocks. The program is not only intended for laboratories, but also for geologists and geotechnicians.



  • Supported laboratory tests:
    • Particle Size Distribution
    • Atterberg Limits
    • Proctor Compaction Test
    • California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR)
    • Permeability Test
    • Oedometer Test
    • Shear Box Test
    • Unconfined Compression Test (Soil)
    • Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Test (UU)
    • Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Test (CU)
    • Consolidated Drained Triaxial Test (CD)
    • Unconfined Compression Test (Rock)
    • Plate Load Test
  • Analysis according to various standards (EN, ČSN)
  • Ability to edit or add calculations (user formulas)
  • Ability to create own protocols
  • Ability to define own laboratory tests using templates
  • Data exchange with GEO5 Data Collector mobile app
  • Wide selection of Metric and English units
  • Import and export in many file formats
  • Digital data management

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